J.L. Becker transition to Gasbarre Thermal Processing Systems

Valued Customer,

We would like to announce that we will no longer be using the J.L. Becker name, but instead, are transitioning to our new name, Gasbarre Thermal Processing Systems. This move is representative of the enhancements made by Gasbarre leadership to focus on reliable equipment with great service that is fundamental to the Gasbarre name.

Thermal Processing Systems is one of the three new business units that now comprise Gasbarre Products, Inc. The other two units are Powder Compaction Solutions and Manufacturing Technologies. Rebranding the Gasbarre corporate structure into these business units allow us to better align our diverse product offering with our end users.

The product lines of Gasbarre Thermal Processing Systems include: continuous mesh belt and pusher furnaces for sintering, brazing, annealing, and steam treating applications; continuous and batch vacuum furnaces that serve a wide range of thermal processing applications and are adaptable to nearly any production process; and continuous and batch atmosphere equipment that serve customers in the aerospace, agriculture, automotive, commercial heat treating, energy, industrial equipment, and military industries.

Since inception, a key strategy of ours has been to develop a passionate and knowledgeable staff that not only knows our equipment, but understands our customers’ challenges. In recent years, we’ve strategically recruited and hired staff from all aspects of the industry. Here is a brief introduction to some of the new members of our team:

 Patrick Weymer, National Sales Manager – over 25 years of heat treating equipment experience  Eric Buchanan, Regional Sales Manager – nearly 20 years of experience in the commercial heat treating business working in roles such as quality, operations, and sales  Mike Harrison, Sales & Metallurgical Engineer – over 15 years of’ experience in the commercial heat treating business working as a metallurgist, as well as, experience starting up new facilities, general management, and also brings extensive knowledge of the nitriding and FNC processes  Nick Levine, Electrical & Controls Engineer – designed electrical and controls systems for heat treating equipment for over 30 years  John Kaske, Mechanical Engineer – over 25 years of experience designing equipment for the thermal processing industry  Anwelli Okpue, Project Engineer – has worked for Gasbarre for nearly 5 years  Jake Verdoux, Manufacturing Manager – has worked for Gasbarre for over 5 years.

In recent years, Gasbarre has successfully completed multi-million dollar systems for both international and domestic customers, and highly complex projects for Fortune 500 companies. We’ve developed new technologies with family owned commercial heat treaters, and updated/upgraded current equipment designs.

We are excited to introduce our new Vacuum Purge Nitriding and FNC System. This system utilizes the latest technology for Kn & Kc control ensuring compliance to AMS 2759/10 & 12 specifications. Our fan, retort, and baffle systems give excellent temperature uniformity to meet AMS 2750 requirements. Optional items include pre- and post-oxidation control, an ammonia dissociator, and a rapid cooling system. This state-of-the-art furnace is designed, manufactured, and serviced here in the United States, which gives us the ability to offer competitive prices as well as domestic support from a staff knowledgeable in the equipment and processes.

Since the addition of J.L. Becker in 2011, Gasbarre has worked diligently at transforming the organization and products to accurately represent the performance, reliability, and service that Gasbarre customers have come to know. Through the hiring of talented, knowledgeable, and passionate personnel, we’ve improved our processes to ensure consistent communication and quality to our customers. We’ve made major advancements in our existing products and have introduced new products into the market. We are proud of the progress we’ve made and look forward to advancing our brand and products into the thermal processing industry worldwide.

Best Regards,

Benjamin T. Gasbarre President – Industrial Furnace Systems Division