IWT Accepts Rohde Furnace After Successful Testing

IWT Accepts Rohde Furnace After Successfull Testing; In Bremen, Germany we find IWT (Institute fuer Werkstofforientierte Technologien) a research organization dedicted to heat treating which is jointing funded by German industry and the university.  We at The Monty have visited this facility several times over the years and have found it to be very facinating. The organization has been working with German furnace builder Rohde Schutzgasoefen GmbH to develop a new design of furnace and this is the end result.

The bell hardening center is designed as a classic plant concept with a wide variety of applications designed to cover several different heat treat processes. Due to its modular design the system can easily be expanded to accomodate future developments. It requires a minimal amount of floor space despite the fact that it is completely automated and can handle up to three consecutive batches without manual intervention. The system is extremely efficient because of its excellent thermal insulation, innovative cooling concepts and coordinated furnace construction materials, especially at high temperatures. The main characteristics of the bell hardening center are its modular design and the possibility for expansion with additional tempering furnaces and other components such as cleaning systems and quenching tanks. In fact this hardening center can replace batch furnaces designed for low pressure carburizing. Other important features include the small footprint, due to the facts that it is loaded at different levels, faster heat-up and cool-down to hardening temperature, faster atmosphere composition and more. This system offers oil, salt and gas quenching and has a work zone of 500mm x 600mm. Gases used are nitrogen, air, methanol, ammonia, propane and acetylene.”

In the picture from left to right: Ingo Bunjes IWT Bremen, Dr.-Ing. Matthias Steinbacher IWT Bremen, Raphael Nees, Natasha Rohde, Konstantin Rohde, Jörn Rohde, Vincent Rohde.

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