Item#VF350 Ipsen Bottom Load Vacuum Furnace-Price of Removal

The vendor of this bottom load vacuum furnace which is located in the US North East is offering this furnace for the price of removal

Model VVFC, Serial number #57411. Working dimensions of 48” X 48”.    Max. temp    2300F.   225KW heating power.   2 speed 25 HP cooling fan. Increased internal heat exchanger coils.   Insulated hot zone with moly hot face.  Stokes 412 mechanical pump with ROOTS CONNERSVILLE 1016 booster.  New SSI programmer/controller. Built 2/6/78.  Graphite heating elements and graphite hearth. Installed but not in use. Good condition. Overall footprint dimensions = 15ft wide X 12ft 6” wide X 21ft high.  Overall height includes safety barrier for personnel and aluminum channel beam assembly for fan motor removal.

Price Of Removal