Istanbul Heat Treatment Offering Plasma Nitriders

Interesting press release from Istanbul Heat Treatment Inc., about how they are offering new Plasma nitriding systems.

“Istanbul Heat Treatment Inc. has been serving for heat treatment services in the field of Plasma Nitriding since 1993,  started to serve for the same industry by manufacturing furnaces / processes / plants by beginning of 2019. The i-nitcold-800 model Plasma Nitriding Furnace produced with its own registered brand i-nit®; which has  Ø 1000 mm x Height 1000 mm useful dimensions and 800 kg loading capacity is ready for shipment to the customer factory as all operational and process application tests are completed successfully. The i-nit® brand has taken its place in the market with hot wall, cold wall i-nitcold-800; the first Plasma Nitriding Furnace with i-nit® brand, produced by Istanbul Heat Treatment Inc., is ready for shipment and laboratory scale furnaces for plasma nitriding needs.

i-nit® Pulse Plasma Nitriding Systems Istanbul Heat Treatment Inc., which has been producing Plasma Nitriding Furnaces only for its own needs until 2019, has decided to produce the Plasma Nitriding Furnaces as a separate product and  presented the first Pulse Plasma Nitriding Furnace with i-nit® brand to the market in 2020, with its low process temperatures, regional hardening capability, flexibility to adjust the surface metallurgy, silent operation, repeatability, advantages of processing in vacuum furnaces and its environment-user friendly feature. In i-nit® Plasma Nitriding Furnaces; with the Plasma Nitriding / Nitrocarburizing process, which can be applied to parts of various weights and sizes from a few grams to several tons, it is possible to easily nitride any iron-based material including stainless steels and cast irons. Istanbul Heat Treatment Inc. offers its 25 years of knowledge and experience in the field of Plasma Nitriding / Nitrocarburizing with furnaces produced under the i-nit® brand.

i-nit® Plasma Nitriding Furnaces; operate with PLC control with easy user interface, and it has the opportunity to make standard productions depending on customer or product by means of the ready to work recipes. In addition to full-automatic operation feature, i-nit® Plasma Nitriding Furnaces have completely manual or semi-automatic operation options. Beside of all these capabilities, Istanbul Heat Treatment Inc. will always support the customers both for using of common recipes and the new process design by presenting its 25 years of experience to the customers.”