Istanbul Heat Treatment Inc., Exports First Plasma Nitriding Furnace

“In 2020 commercial heat treater and furnace manufacturer, Istanbul Heat Treatment Inc., delivered their first i-nit® Plasma Nitriding Furnace to a Turkish customer. The company followed this order up with their first export order which went to a company in Serbia-this system was started up in October 2021. 

The system is an i-nitcold-1200 Plasma Nitriding Furnace with working dimensions of 1300 x 1200 mm and a load capacity of 1200 kg. The Serbian customer will be using the system to support their automotive customers. By following these steps, Istanbul Heat Treatment’s target is to deliver i-nit® brand Plasma Nitriding Furnaces to more customers, both in Turkey and in the global market, and to increase brand awareness and market share.

i-nit® Plasma Nitriding Furnaces; With the Plasma Nitriding / Nitro­carburizing process, which can be applied to parts of various weights and sizes from a few grams to sever­al tons, it is possible to easily nitride any iron-based material including stainless steels and cast irons. 

Istanbul Heat Treatment Inc. offers its 25 years of knowledge and experience in the field of Plasma Nitriding/ Nitrocarbu­rizing with furnaces produced under the i-nit® brand. i-nit® Plasma Nitriding Furnaces operate with PLC control with easy user interface, and it has the opportunity to make standard pro­ductions depending on customer or product by means of the ready to use recipes.”

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