Ipsen North America

While we think of furnace manufacturer Ipsen in North America as vacuum people, this note from a senior member of the Ipsen USA Team would suggest that the atmosphere side of things is growing for the company. “Gord, During a recent visit to our facility in Rockford, Illinois,  your son Jordan observed that we were building multiple atmosphere furnaces. He commented the he didn’t realize Ipsen still built atmosphere equipment. Although the North American market knows us best for our vacuum furnace technology, in the past 3 years Ipsen has booked more than $20 million in non-vacuum furnaces (i.e., endothermic, nitrogen, and air atmosphere) in North America. These strong sales figures are the direct result of a strategic initiative Ipsen USA embarked upon 5 years ago, the cornerstone of which is our ATLAS batch atmosphere furnace global product line. This year we are “doubling down” on that momentum, so expect to hear more about Ipsen atmosphere related market developments soon.”