Ipsen, Kleve, Germany

October 28th, 2019 as part of the “Monday Morning Briefing” we had some notes about our recent visit to furnace manufacturer Ipsen at their headquarters in Kleve, Germany. As a follow up to that visit we have these additional photos along with a caption for each, describing in a bit more details what we are looking at.

Ipsen Kleve, Germany has an in house welding department for manufacturing vacuum furnace housings and pressure vessels up to 20 bar abs.   


Another high vacuum furnace with stainless steel furnace housing for brazing. This furnace will be equipped with a molybdenum hot zone and turbo- molecular vacuum pumps. Installation will be in a clean room and the ultimate vacuum is in the range of 10-7 mbar/ torr. Left to right; Oliver Obladen, Michael Simon, Dr. Bora Özkan

Left to right; Oliver Obladen, Michael Simon, Dr. Bora Özkan standing in front of a continuous 3- Chamber High Vacuum Furnace. This furnace is equipped with a pre- chamber (1), inner doors, internal loading systems, heating chamber (2) and cooling chamber (3). During operation the gas-/ fan cooling takes place in the cold cooling chamber and the hot zone stays on temperature.

System Expert Oliver Obladen is showing the new Ipsen VacTreater. The Ipsen VacTreater was launched in October 2019 with the slogan “Revolution from Tradition” and comes with dedicated and pre-configured packages for different industry sectors https://vactreater.com/