Ipsen Invests in Continued Pyrometry Training for Employees

“To continue providing customers with the best metallurgical results, members from Ipsen’s Service, Engineering and Management teams recently completed an advanced pyrometry training. The 13 members who attended learned how key changes made in the latest revision (F) of the AMS2750 specifications affect pryometric testing.

The class, offered by renowned consultant Doug Shuler of Pyro Consulting LLC, is part of a continuing education initiative in which the company encourages its employees to participate. This training provides hands-on instruction on thermocouples, instrument calibrations, system accuracy testing and temperature uniformity surveys as well as the Nadcap auditing process.

This knowledge is applied in-house during engineering considerations and in the field while service technicians perform calibrations and surveys. For decades, Ipsen has provided pyrometry-related services to ensure equipment adheres to Nadcap and other industry requirements. For more information on Ipsen’s calibration services, visit www.ipsenusa.com/calibrations.”

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