Ipsen Global Receives German Innovation Award

The German Design Council, in recognition of Ipsen’s pioneering innovation, has presented Ipsen Global the German Innovation Award for the ATLAS GREEN furnace platform. The award ceremony was held in Frankfurt, Germany on May 14, celebrating the innovators that emerged from a field of 520 submissions from across 23 countries. Ipsen was recognized as a winner in the Excellence in Business to Business – Machines & Engineering category for the development of the Ipsen ATLAS GREEN atmosphere furnace.

The ATLAS GREEN was selected for its ability to provide a high-quality heat treatment solution while reducing the end user’s carbon footprint. The ATLAS GREEN furnace achieves 100 percent CO2-neutral operation through a smart combination of green electricity and green hydrogen. Intelligent software monitors the availability of green electricity and switches to green hydrogen when needed.  This hybrid electric/hydrogen energy approach is important for the future of an industry that has traditionally relied on the use of fossil fuels, and a correspondingly high CO2 footprint. As many countries continue to tackle climate change, Ipsen Global and ATLAS GREEN help companies find ways to reduce future carbon tax costs, while continuing to offer the same high-quality, reliable heat treating solutions that industry demands.

“Targeted innovations are essential for success and sustainability. They are indispensable for addressing the challenges of our time and driving the sustainable transformation of industry forward. With the German Innovation Award 2024, we make these outstanding and exemplary innovations visible. I am very pleased with the diversity of the awarded projects this year: They not only provide significant added value for the industry but also for society and the environment,” says Lutz Dietzold, CEO of the German Design Council. Interdisciplinary Expert Jury The 2024 German Design Council jury consists of independent experts from companies that represent emerging technologies, data management, and a variety of industry leaders across many scientific disciplines. Submissions are evaluated based on the criteria of innovation, end-user satisfaction, and economic viability. For more information about the German Innovation Award 2024 and the German Design Council: www.germaninnovation-award.de

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