Ipsen Customer Service Provides Free Furnace Evaluations

“Ipsen is committed to keeping its products running at peak performance for decades. With more than 10,000 furnaces installed worldwide, Ipsen maintains a strong focus on customer service and aftermarket support.

To better serve customers, Ipsen offers free evaluations of any brand of vacuum heat-treating system in the United States. During this comprehensive inspection, an Ipsen Customer Service team member will check all major components of the furnace. The process typically takes under an hour, and Ipsen will provide a written health report with a suggested 18-month maintenance plan.

“Finding issues early, and planning for future maintenance, means less unexpected downtime and avoiding costly repairs,” said Ipsen Customer Service Sales Manager Matt Clinite. “Thanks to proper maintenance and regular service, many Ipsen furnaces built in the 1960s and 70s are still running today.”

In addition to the free evaluations, Ipsen’s aftermarket services include replacement parts, hot zones, controls and instrumentation upgrades, mechanical retrofits and furnace refurbishments. With a global team of more than 120 field service technicians, Ipsen offers quick and easy access to troubleshooting and repairs, preventative maintenance, instrument calibrations and temperature uniformity surveys.

For more information on Ipsen Customer Service, or to schedule your free furnace evaluation, visit www.ipsenusa.com/ipsen-customer-service or call 1-844-Go-Ipsen.”