ION HEAT Ships Plasma Nitrider to US Manufacturer

It’s interesting that yesterday we mentioned orders for gas nitriders, today we mention a Plasma Nitriding order. From ION HEAT we have this press release about a system they have just shipped to a manufacturer in the US, this we believe is the second or third system the company has shipped this year. The one picture below shows the President of Ion Heat, Mr. Andrés Bernal along with Dale Montgomery of “The Monty”-in the background you can see Medellín, Colombia.

“In recent months we have seen that big captive heat treaters have set their sights on the plasma nitriding furnaces made by ION HEAT. We had access to some of the photos of the last GlowTech unit they assembled, before it was shipped to the United States. Andrés Bernal, president of ION HEAT, tells us: “We place a lot of emphasis on details, we are doing ‘personalized’ engineering for our customers, from the design of the fixture or the choice of features according to the needs of the production line, up to the size of the furnace. I am convinced that in these times, manufacturers must allow customers to optimize the capabilities of their equipment as their business adapts to the changing demands of the market” It is worth highlighting the company’s commitment to plasma, since it is considered the most efficient and clean option to take on the new challenges of nitriding processes.”

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