ION HEAT Sells Plasma Nitriding Furnace To ZF

“ION HEAT presents its latest GlowTech 1220, a pulsed plasma nitriding furnace manufactured for ZF India (Wabco), a well-known manufacturer of commercial vehicles in logistics and public transport.

It is a highly efficient and precise equipment for the nitriding of crankshafts and truck parts, with a 47-inch diameter bell and hot wall that, among other innovations, launches an evolution of the ventilation system that characterizes the ION HEAT technology.

This furnace has a fractionated cooling system that allows a precise control of the temperature in the three heating zones of the furnace, which allows nitriding parts of different geometries in the same charge for commercial heat treatment use.

In addition, the chamber has been redesigned so that it can be disassembled to facilitate replacement and maintenance activities.

Without a doubt, ION HEAT is consolidating its position as one of the most important plasma nitriding equipment manufacturers in the world.”

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