Inventory Clearance! Batch IQ Line Including Furnace, Charge Car and Washer $60,000 USD

Item#IQ438 Holcroft Batch IQ Furnace Line; Holcroft Batch IQ Furnace Line.Model GP2500. Serial Number S/N #CJ-4233. Installed new in 1980.  Gas fired,  working dimensions of 30″ X 48″ X 30″ and a capacity of 2500 pounds. Furnace was operational until shut down on 11/30/17 when plant closed. Also included is a double ended charge car (Holcroft) to handle loads of 30″ X 48″and a Holcroft Spray/Dunk washer with heating system 30″ X 48″ X 30″.  Complete, in very good condition and ready to go. Asking Price $60,000 USD

Item#IQ438 Holcroft Batch IQ Furnace Line