Heat Treatment Interviews-Boy Do We Have Interviews!

For years now “The Monty” has been interviewing some of the best known individuals in the worldwide heat treating industry and the end result is that we have 9 pages of interviews in our archives section http://www.themonty.com/articles-interviews/ A quick scroll though will show you interviews with Mr. Stephen Harris, CEO of Bodycote and one of the most influential figures in the industry as rated by “The Monty”Dr. Klaus Löser, of ALD, Rich Ott, of Linamar, one of the largest captive heat treaters in the world, Pat McKenna, President of furnace builder Ipsen, Martin Beaton of Bohler-Uddeholm and a host of others. And our interviews will continue with several already in the works-for instance we will be speaking with the Managing Director of one of the largest press quenching companies in the world next week, the President of ETSA, the second largest commercial heat treater in Mexico and a bunch of others. If you have an interest in joining these illustrious ranks feel free to drop us a line at jordan@themonty.com Currently on our home page we are speaking with Mr. Paul van Doesburg, CEO of Ipsen Germany.

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