Industrial Heat Treating Canada to Close Doors

We understand that commercial heat treater “Industrial Heat Treating” in Beamsville Ontario, Canada has advised customers that they will be closing the doors. While not a large commercial heat treat the company has been offering mesh belt austempering and brazing services for 40 years, most of the time under the guidance of General Manager Mr. Steve Prokopetz. This marks the third commercial heat treater in Ontario, Canada to close their doors in the past few years (two within the last month) all while two others have drastically reduced capacity either permanently or temporarily (although there will be a brand new shop opening later this year in Ontario).  Interestingly enough this marks almost the end of commercially available austempering services in Canada. Advanced Heat Treat Solutions in Mississauga suffered an explosion over a month ago which has resulted in their austemper line still being shut down, this leaves only Commercial Spring with austempering services and they are more of a captive heat treater than a commercial shop.

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