Inductoheat Webinar

In this webinar, attendees will learn about:

  • Induction hardening of powertrain transmission and engine components
  • Failure analysis
  • How to avoid cracking in induction hardening
  • Subtleties of heating parts with holes, fillets, and other geometrical irregularities
  • Re-hardening (re-austenitization) of previously hardened parts
  • Novel inverters that allow instant and independent adjustment of both frequency and power
  • Selected challenges when applying induction tempering
  • Reducing process sensitivity and improving robustness and flexibility of induction systems.

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Dr. Valery Rudnev Biography. Dr. Valery Rudnev is the director of science and technology at Inductoheat Inc., an Inductotherm Group Company. He is considered one of the leading global figures in the induction heating and heat treating industry. Valery has more than 40 years of experience and is known within ASM International and among induction heating professionals worldwide as Professor Induction. In 2006, he was elected as a Fellow of ASM in recognition of distinguished contributions to the field of materials science and engineering. In 2017, the International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering (IFHTSE) elected Valery as a Fellow in recognition of significant contributions to the development of heat treatment and surface engineering. He has authored and co-authored numerous chapters for nine handbooks devoted to various aspects of induction heating, heat treating, materials science, computer modeling, and innovative process development. His credits include a great deal of know-how, more than 50 patents and inventions (both U.S. and International), and more than 250 engineering publications. He has also served as a keynote speaker at many international conferences.