In House Heat Treating-VCST, Leon, Mexico

VCST is a division of the BMT Group of Belgium, a company which supplies gear drives around the world. Out interest with the company today is in their Leon, Mexico facility which we visited just over a week ago. This is a gear company, a gear company which supplies the automotive, rail and industrial markets and who heat treat their products in house. It should come as no surprise to anybody that company chose the most common and versatile style of furnace in the world to do their heat treating-standard batch IQ furnaces. Designed and built by Wixom, Michigan, USA based AFC-Holcroft the firm has 5 batch IQ furnaces with working dimensions of 36″X 48″ X 36″ all gas fired with endothermic atmospheres. In the past the company has had some requirements for press quenching however as we observed they have never actually brought this in house. What we saw was a clean, well run company overall with a quite impressive heat treating department. These photos will give you a better feel for VCST.

Javier Infante, Furnace Operator,  Juan Gutierrez, Maintenance Manager

Juan Gutierrez, Maintenance Manager, VCST, Salvador Murillo, Operations Manager, SSi