Images of North America

We are very proud to be able to show our readers a number of photos of the ongoing Furnaces North America event being held in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. ‘The Monty Heat Treat News” plans on several more on an ongoing basis.

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Steve Thompson (SSi), Damian Bratcher (SSi), Adab Marquez (SSi Mexico), Salvador Alvarado Murillo (SSi Mexico), Jim Oakes (SSi)

Steve Thompson (SSi), Damian Bratcher (SSi), Alberto Zanazzo, “Streamline”, Italy, Ezio Pirola, Jim Oakes (SSi)

Steve Thompson (SSi), Bob Fincken (SSi), Aaron Ackerman, Met Pro, Michigan, Jim Oakes (SSi)

Stefan Lukowski (SafeChem) Dean Russell Senior, Dean Russell Junior, Andreas Fritz, HEMO Germany, Thomas Wingens

Carlos Torres of Furnace Builder Mattsa, Salvador Alvarado Murillo, Adab Marquez