Images of Heat Treatment, IMT Duncan, SC, USA

It is rather ironic that our “Images of Heat Treatment, SC” shows a photo of a substantial pit furnace at IMT Duncan in Duncan, South Carolina, USA when in actual fact the company is best known as the only large continous heat treater in the US state of South Carolina. Let us start at the beginning.
Going way back to July of 2008 Gord Montgomery of “The Monty Heat Treat News” first visited IMT-our original notes can be found below. Since that time the company has grown and expanded although it is still run by Mr. TIm Meyers a true heat treater if ever there was one. The most noteable changes since our original visit is the addition of a 2500 pound per hour mesh belt furnace line, a substantial addition and the installation of a very large pit furnace which is one of the 2 images you are seeing. The addition of the second mesh belt furnace line gave the company the largest commercially available continous heat treatment capacity in the state.
While some things have changed the top notch control systems have not, they still rival any that can be found in the industry today. 
This photo shows Mr. Justin Kalweit, IT Manager beside Mr. Drake Leithold, Plant Manager in front of the 72″ X 72″ pit furnace. If you ever find yourself in the Duncan, SC area and want to see a very impressive atmosphere heat treat shop IMT Duncan would certainly fit the bill.
“JULY 2008; IMT Duncan, LLC. Continuing our tour of South Eastern US commercial and captive heat treaters we arrive today at IMT in Duncan, South Carolina. This is a commercial heat treater that in former times was owned by HTG, a multi-location commercial heat treater based in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Going back about 2-3 years it was sold back to the original owner Al Kalweit along with their sister company IMT York, LLC (York, SC)-please feel free to correct us if our facts are not 100%. This is an interesting operation and we understand very different from times gone by. Not that unusual from many commercial shops in the area in that they offer batch IQ capabilities, continuous furnaces, brazing furnaces and a few other processes. What is impressive is the advanced state of their data logging and order entry systems. Even including captive heat treaters with multi million dollar budgets this has the most advanced computer control of furnaces that we have ever seen (largely developed on their own by the way) and includes fingerprint scanning before any changes can be made. All of these initiatives were formed under Al Kalweit, Justin Kalweit, IT Manager and Tim Meyers, GM. Tim is long time commercial heat treater who is opinionated, knows his stuff and gets things done.”

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