Hungary to Receive Largest High Pressure Vacuum Furnace in The Country

“SECO/WARWICK will deliver two furnaces to Budapest, Hungary. One of them will be the largest vacuum furnace in the country which will open new business chances. It is first-order from European Flansch-Tech, specializing in aluminum forging, steel forging and steel trade. VECTOR® ordered by Flansch-Tech is a customized vacuum furnace with horizontal charge loading. max. 15 bar nitrogen cooling gas pressure with production size 900x900x1200 mm (WxHxL). A furnace for heat treatment of tool steels – mostly dedicated to hardening and tempering.

Vector meets the cooling speed requirements defined, among others, in the NADCA standard (North American Die Casting Association). The furnace is equipped with a directional quenching option which allows to change the direction of the flow of the cooling gas – nitrogen. The flow direction can be 360 degrees, from the sides or only up and down. Vector’s gas blower is controlled by 400kW frequency drive. It allows for programmable cooling rate controlled against furnace or load temperature, ISO quench capability, no blower motor start-up overcurrent and saves electric energy by increasing cooling systems power factor.

The second furnace ordered is SECO/WARWICK’s Tempering Furnace with horizontal loading of the charge, with vacuum rinsing before the start of the heating process (vacuum purging), working area 600x600x900mm (WxHxL), dedicated mainly to tempering processes. This vacuum technology uses a unique system ideal for tempering. Along with the furnaces, all sub-components required for the proper operation of the furnaces will be delivered, i.e. closed loop water cooling system, forklift loaders and gas buffer tank.

“This investment allows us controlling our own heat treat processes with regard to time and quality. Until now, we have relied on outsourced heat treat services. The technology will be used for internal production as well as external service for other partners. Thanks to these two technologies from SECO/WARWICK we will gain autonomy and self-sufficiency in heat treat processes dedicated to Tool&Die”, says Zsolt Varga Technical Director of Flansch-Tech.

“This is probably the largest vacuum furnace with high pressure gas quenching in Hungary which provides us with competitive advantage on this market. It will allow processing much larger parts than in standard size furnaces typically of 600x600x900mm present in local commercial heat treatment facilities. We decided for such extreme product from SECO/WARWICK due to the company’s extended experience in vast numbers of customized solutions”, added Mr Faragó MD of Flansch-Tech.

Both technologies ordered by Flash-Tech are exemplary solutions for the whole Tool&Die Industry. They bring time and cost efficiency along with quality to the process. Their flexibility and scalability make them a popular choice among large Tool&Die global companies, commercial heat treaters as well as specialized departments in smaller companies.”

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