HTA Celebrates 50 Years of Heat Treating With New Equipment

Heat Treatment Australia (HTA), Australia’s largest commercial heat treater is very proud of the fact that they are celebrating 50 years in business, so proud in fact that they have invested in more new equipment. Next week the company is looking forward to the delivery of a new Plasma (Ion) Nitriding system from Rubig of Austria. HTA has 4 locations, 3 in Australia and one in California, USA and offers a wide variety of processes including nitriding, vacuum hardening, carburizing, austempering and carbo-nitriding to name a few. To the best of our knowledge this is the first Plasma nitriding system the company will have.

To learn more about the company we would suggest a “Heat Treat Podcast” presented by “The Monty Heat Treat News” a little while back. Our host Mr. Carlos Torres spoke with Ms. Karen Stanton, Managing Director of the company;

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