How Are We Doing These Days? AFC-Holcroft

“Despite all the doom and gloom constantly in the news, how about a little good news for a change. Here at AFC-Holcroft we have been, and continue to be, inundated with work, as the photos will attest.  Additionally, we have had the good fortune to be awarded some very nice orders from well-known companies this past quarter.  You can see from the photo that our shop is jammed full at the moment, and plenty of work on the way to keep our employees working full steam ahead.

Shown in the photos are UBQ (oil) and UBQA (salt) batch IQ furnaces, continuous roller hearth with the ability to normalize, isothermal anneal and quench & temper, continuous mesh belt austempering line and a variety of other equipment which are in or nearing the final construction phases and will be shipping to the end-users soon.  Once additional shop floorspace becomes available, the next projects in our pipeline, already processed by our various Engineering departments, will start construction – and the cycle

We have every reason to remain optimistic about the coming months and hope this provides a positive outlook for others who are wondering how manufacturing is faring right now.  At AFC-Holcroft, we are bustling with activity, with a confident outlook for the future.