Hirschvogel Automotive Group-In House Heat Treating

Our other news item today for “The Monty Heat Treat News” concerned a recent sealed quench furnace installation at auto parts supplier “Hirschvogel Automotive Group” in Denklingen, Germany. As it happens Gord Montgomery of “The Monty Heat Treat News” toured this facility in 2018 and we have this summary and photos about “Hirschvogel’s” heat treat department;

“MAY 2018 DENKLINGEN, GERMANY;  Based in Germany Hirschvogel Automotive Group is a worldwide supplier of automotive components. The location we visited last week in Denklingen, Germany has 3,000 employees making forged automotive components and as you have probably already guessed has a very large in house heat treating department. With the largest rotary hearth furnace we have ever seen, multiple pusher furnaces, cast link belt furnaces and a number of pit annealing furnaces we really do feel we are not exaggerating when we say “large heat treat department”.

To add to this impressive list of equipment the company is two weeks away from starting up a 2,000 kg/hour gas fired pusher line which will be completely automated. The photos below show a small portion of the heat treat department which features 8 pit annealing furnaces.  Incidentally all the fixturing for the pit furnaces which you see in these photos is investment cast. It turns out the company has been using fabricated fixtures for many years however they recently switched over to investment cast on the basis that while it is more expensive up front in the long run it is cheaper because of the life.”

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