Highest Captive Heat Treat Department in the World?

From time to time “The Monty Heat Treat News” searches through our archives for photos of some of the most interesting heat treats from around the world. Today’s edition comes from Istanbul, Turkey and features what is quite possibly the highest heat treat department in the world. Donusum Isil Islem in Istanbul, Turkey is a captive heat treater who does heat treating for their parent company who offers various types of steels.  This location provides hardening, vacuum hardening and gas nitriding all on the 6th floor of their warehouse and office building near Istanbul. Why on earth the heat treat is located on the top floor of the building is beyond us as is how they even got the furnaces up there in the first place. When we visited the facility a few years back it was in the company of Matt Cross of SSi Europe-you can see Matt in the one photo. Other photos also show a very impressive and fairly new Schmetz 10 bar vacuum furnace, the outside of the building with the heat treat on the top floor and another hardening system already in place. So if you are ever asked what is the highest captive heat treat department in the world you can proudly hold your hand up high and say with a high degree of certainty “Donusum Isil Islem in Istanbul, Turkey on the 6th floor”.

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