High Energy Costs Lead German Heat Treater to Warn Government

We are all aware of how high energy costs are effecting the entire heat heattreating industry and no area is more aware of this than Germany with their high dependence upon Russian oil and gas. Costs have become so high and supply so unstable that a heat treater in the country took the unusual step of inviting the German Minister of Economic Affairs for a tour of their facility with an eye towards showing him how dependant the company is upon oil and gas. Hanomag Lohnhärterei GmbH is one of the largest commercial heat treaters in the country (find out where they rank according to “The Monty Heat Treat News” at https://themonty.com/project/largest-european-commercial-heat-treaters/)-to give you an idea the firm has 7 locations and over 650 employees.

Recently the company gave a tour to the German Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr. Bernd Althusmann to give him a vivid impression of how energy intensive their business is and to show possible scenarios in the event of a slowdown or complete shutdown of their gas supplies. While the situation is under control now it is too soon to tell what will happen during the peak demand period this winter. No reports on how the minister responded.

In related news we see that the last time we mentioned Hanomag was almost exactly one year ago when they company received a new pit carburizing furnace.

“JUNE 21/2021 Gas Carburizing Furnace is Leaving the Rohde Facility in Hanau; Rohde has delivered today a gas carburizing furnace with batch table and useable diameter of 2 m, and a depth of 3 m (79 x 118 in.) to Hanomag Lohnhaerterei in Hannover. The furnace is equipped with 5-zone heating (400 kW) and ROHDE online diffusion for carburization depths of up to 20 mm, carbon potential control via oxygen probe and gas analyzer. The picture was taken after the successful pre-acceptance hot test at the test field of the Rohde factory in Hanau. The picture shows from left to right: Joern Rohde, Lutz Sperling (Hanomag), Natasha Rohde, Christian Gorecki (Hanomag), Maik Luedke (Hanomag).” 

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