Hestia Heat Treat Adds FNC Processing

Out in Racine, Wisconsin, commercial heat treater Hestia Heat Treat has made our news section a couple of times over the years as can be seen below. They grace our pages yet again for their new FNC furnace which can offer FNC, FNC + Post-Ox, and Gas Nitriding treatments. The furnace has working dimensions of 36″ x 32″ x 72″ with a 5500 pound capacity.

“October 2020 PRESS RELEASE Hestia Heat Treat, Racine Wisconsin To Add Nitriding Capacity; Out in Racine, Wisconsin, USA we see that commercial heat treater Hestia Heat Treat which was formerly Racine Heat Treat is making an impressive investment. Darius Szczekocki, the owner recently made the decision to invest in a new Nitrex gas nitriding system. For some background on the company we would refer you to the press release below which we published back in 2017 when Darius purchased the company. For more information about Hestia we would also suggest https://hestiaheattreat.com/

“May 1/2017 Hestia Heat Treat, Racine, Wisconsin; If you are scratching your head asking who the heck Hestia Heat Treat is you are certainly not alone as we had not heard the name until yesterday. Hestia Heat Treat is the new name of Racine Heat Treat in Racine, Wisconsin, USA. Racine HT has been around for many years with at least two owners in the past few years, however very recently it was bought by a fellow by the name of Darius Szczekocki who brings to the company a new name and a wealth of experience. Darius has spent a number of years in the industry with companies such as Bodycote and most recently as General Manager at Bluewater Thermal another commercial heat treater. Hestia Heat Treat has a number of Ipsen batch IQ furnaces and vacuum units. We wish him the best of luck.

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