HEMO GmbH Cleaning Systems-An Interview with Andreas Fritz, Managing Director

Today we are very pleased to offer you an interview with Mr. Andreas Fritz, Managing Director of HEMO GmbH based in Ötisheim, Germany a major supplier of some of the most advanced cleaning systems in the world https://themonty.com/project/mr-andreas-fritz-managing-director-hemo-gmbh/. We are not going to go into too much detail about the company at this point as Andreas gives us a very good background in his interview-however we will  share with you a couple of photos of the plant as we say it Tuesday of this week. The plant itself is brand new and production is roughly 70% custom systems, 30% standard products and overall about a third of the systems they produce are for heat treatment applications. As you can see in these photos the factory is filled almost to capacity with partially completed systems, all which are vacuum based. The first photo shows Mr. Tom Weiss, Sales Manager on the left, and Mr. Volker Hoesel, Managing Director on the right. The system you see behind them is very shortly going to be shipped to a captive/commercial heat treater in North America-unfortunately we are not allowed to share the customer’s name but it is one which would be recognized by many heat treaters in North America. All we can really add is that boy these guys make top end cleaning systems.