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The Monty Heat Treat News” prides itself on having the most up to date heat treatment news of any source in the world. We start off this update in Germany where we see that Haertha Hardening, one of the largest commercial heat treaters in Europe has yet again expanded their facility in Weißenburg, Germany. In this case the company just added a tandem plasma nitriding system to the plant, this is now the 7th that the company has making it one of the largest commercial heat treats in Germany in terms of Plasma nitriding systems. System sizes range from Ø 800 mm x 1,200 mm to Ø 1,000 mm x 2,300 mm with a weight capacity of 3,000 kg per furnace chamber. The photo below shows part of the “The Monty Heat Treat News” team visiting this plant. To find out how Haertha compares in size other commercial heat treats we would recommend this link;   https://themonty.com/project/largest-european-commercial-heat-treaters/

Mark Hemsath. The global heat treatment industry is certainly family based with many entering the profession because their fathers or grandfathers were in the business. A perfect example of this would be Mr. Mark Hemsath of the US who followed in his father’s very impressive footsteps with a notable career in the industry most recently with heat treatment and equipment supplier Nitrex. Our understanding is that Mark recently has been tasked with running sales for both the Nitrex global equipment section as well as Heat Treating Services. We offer him a very hearty congratulations.
Thermal Vac Arizona. For several years running commercial heat treater Thermal Vac Technologies in Orange, CA, USA has made our list of the 50 Largest Commercial Heat Treaters in North America https://themonty.com/project/the-monty-heat-treat-news-50-largest-north-american-commercial-heat-treats-2022/ It is certainly no secret that the Driscol family are very ambitious with their plans for the company and in that vein are investing in a brand new facility in Arizona. While there have not been a great number of details about what this facility will look like when it is completed we have been lead to believe that they are planning on entering production this year and that when completed it will have at least 10 vacuum furnaces-quite an ambitious project.
Brian C Taylor 1929-2022. Earlier in this update we spoke of the heat treating industry as being a “family affair”-this is a perfect example. Texas, USA is an enormous market for captive and commercial heat treaters with many a heat treater related. Brian Taylor has been involved in heat treating for many years, most recently at National Heat Treat in Houston, Texas where he is Business Development Manager. We regret to say that his father Brian C Taylor just passed away. Brian Senior spent his entire working life in heat treating eventually owning B & B Heat Treating in North Houston, Texas. Brian Senior was known by many still involved in the Texas heat treatment industry.

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