Heat Treatment in Texas-Lone Star Heat Treating

Over the course of the past week we have featured several heat treaters in the Houston, Texas. USA heat treatment market and pointed out what should be obvious to everybody-everything in Texas is indeed bigger.

A prime example of this would be fourth generation commercial heat treater “Lone Star Heat Treating” one of the 50 largest commercial heat treaters in North America as ranked by “The Monty Heat Treat News” 

As we have pointed out in the past virtually everything in the state is related to the oil and gas industries and the result is that heat treaters both captive and commercial spend their time and energy on components for the industry; pipe, bar stock, pump components are a few examples.

While most of the equipment at Lone Star takes the form of both batch and continuous furnaces the company has long included induction heat treating and is also venturing into vacuum heat treating.

Our recent visit gave us the privilege of meeting the fourth generation of the founding “ Van Dorphy” family, Jake Van Dorphy, a very personable and knowledgeable young man. We will mention at the same time that the company is very “family” oriented. Our good friend “Bud van Rooyen” has been second in command at Lone Star for many years now, his son Jason has now worked with the firm for a number of years and mark our words, based on his experience and enthusiasm he will be going far in the heat treatment industry.

These two photos show a continuous heat treatment line for bar and pipe, the other shows a 1,000 ton straightening press in front of which from the left are; Jake van Dorphy, Jason van Rooyen, Bud van Rooyen and Gord Montgomery. https://www.lsht.com/

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