Heat Treatment Exhibition Moscow

We are currently at the “13th International Specialized Exhibition Heat Treatment” in Moscow, Russia which runs from September 17-19th. This is the first time we have attended this event and we will happily even gladly give you our impressions. The main thing to know is that this show is only if you want to sell heat treat products to Russian customers. You do not attend this event for technical seminars (although this year the IFHTSE conference is being held in conjunction with the show which is an exception), and you do not attend this show to meet potential European, Asian or North American customers-you attend to meet potential Russian customers and from that standpoint the show is the best available. With roughly 70 exhibitors (we would estimate half Russian companies and the balance Asian and European) it would be considered a small affair, but reasonably well organized. While we at “The Monty” wouldn’t consider this an important venue several European furnace manufacturers reported that the Russian market is an important one for them with one company saying that almost a third of their sales come from Russia these days. These photos give you an idea.

 Hugo Bosio, Bill Disler, Mark Ruetsch

Thomas Mueller and Walter Hacker (Rubig), Gord Montgomery

Sarkay Sasi (Sistem Teknik), Gord Montgomery and Evren (Sistem Teknik, Turkey)

Jean-Michel Bechir, VP Sales, Swiss Furnace Builder Solo/Borel