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2023 will see a host of heat treat exhibitions and conferences around the world, each with a slightly different focus. Over the past 54 years members of “The Monty Heat Treat News” have been privileged enough to be able to visit most of the major events around the world and we happy to offer our opinion of each. These events are the main ones for 2023 organized by date starting with the most recent.

Heat Treat Mexico 2023, March 28-30, 2023 Monterrey, Mexico Home – Heat Treat Mexico 2023 (asminternational.org) This annual event is fairly recent, we believe this will be roughly the fifth year. It is hosted by ASM who can always be relied upon to organize a good, well organized event. It is dedicated to the growing Mexican heat treat market and is a reasonably small but growing exhibition. To access the Mexican market this event would be a “must see” for any supplier.

Heat Treatment Forum April 18-19, Wrocław, Poland, HeatTreatmentForum – Poland 2023, Central & Eastern Europe | Poland 2023 (heat-treatment-forum.pl) This will be the 7 th edition of this small forum which is largely dedicated to the Polish heat treat market. Having said that it does attract a number of suppliers and heat treaters from central Europe, largely Germany. “The Monty Heat Treat News” has attended in the past and found it interesting although we will stress that this is probably the smallest event on our 2023 list.

Beijing Heat Treatment Exhibition 2023 June 1-3, 2023, Beijing, China. The Beijing Heat Treat Exhibition is one of the largest on our list and as expected is entirely dedicated to the Chinese heat treatment market. Many of the largest furnace builders in Europe and North America are in attendance along with a very sizeable number of local suppliers. To access the Chinese market this would be the show to attend, if you have no interest in the Chinese market this is not worthwhile attending.

Thermprocess June 12-16 th , 2023 Dusseldorf, Germany THERMPROCESS 2023 – the No.1 World’s Leading Trade Fair for Thermoprocessing Technology — Trade Fair (thermprocess-online.com) Without a doubt Thermprocess is far and away the largest event on our list which is both a plus and a minus. Billed as “The Bright World of Metals, this includes 4 events, Thermprocess, GIFA, METEC and Newcast 2023. Held every four years the lavishness of the displays is well worth the price of admission, booths of 2,000 square feet (185 square meters) complete with kitchen and bar are not uncommon. The size in our opinion is an issue. Foot traffic is heavy and chaotic and hotel rooms and restaurants in Dusseldorf are a challenge to say the least. Still this is the most international event on our list.

Heat Treatment 2023 September 12-14, 2023, Moscow, Russia Heat Treatment – 2023 16th International Specialized Exhibition on heat treatment equipment, technologies and heat-insulated and fireproof materials and articles (htexporus.com) With the current political situation it is probably not worth mentioning the largest heat treatment show in Russia but we will anyway because it is a long standing event. “The Monty Heat Treat News” has found this to be a medium sized show held annually with mainly European and Russian suppliers to be in attendance.

Heat Treat 2023 October 17-19, 2023 Detroit, Michigan. Home – Heat Treat 2023 (asminternational.org) “Heat Treat 2023” will be the largest North American event in 2023. It is probably the longest running show of any on our list and is always a “must see” event. This year it is being held in Detroit, Michigan, USA-right in the heart of the largest concentration of heat treating in the world. As has been the case for the past few years it will be held in conjunction with “Motion + Power Technology Expo 2023”. Yes it is held for the North American heat treat industry but it attracts quite an international audience making it a very interesting show.

HK23 October 24 to 26, 2023, Cologne, Germany HK AWT : Home (hk-si.de) HK23 is our favorite European heat treat exhibition. This long standing event is large, well organized and very focused on the European heat treat market in general and the German market in particular. Industry suppliers are largely German firms with a smattering of exhibitors from the rest of Europe with a very small group from North America. Again a show we would very highly recommend if you have an interest in the German market.

IFHTSE Congress 2023 November 13 to 16, 2023 Yokohama, Japan IFHTSE2023 (jsht.or.jp) The “International Federation of Heat Treating and Surface Engineering” is a group which includes the absolute smartest individuals in the global heat treatment industry. You could debate whether the IFHTSE Congress in Japan in November should be considered a technical meeting or an exhibition but as all of their events include a small exhibition hall we are including them on this list. The level of knowledge at these congresses is truly impressive although a large part of the knowledge being imparted will be over the heads of most heat treaters.

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