Heat Treatment Australia, Santa Fe Springs, CA, USA

The largest commercial heat treater in Australia and our favorite is Heat Treatment Australia (HTA) owned and run by brother and sister Norm Tucker and Karen Stanton. While based in Australia the company opened up a branch in California, USA back in 2016 as you can see in this press release dating back 3 years; “HTA Group has arrived in Santa Fe Springs, Los Angeles and brought with us 35+ years of quality Heat Treating Experience and Quality Processes to tackle any and all of your Heat Treating Requirements. Welcoming Branch Manager Mitch Fahrney as the newest member of our HTA Family.”

As far as we can tell this branch has grown and prospered and we have this very recent photo showing in the centre Karen Stanton and alongside her the Hon Melissa Price, Australian MP standing in front of a SECO/WARWICK vacuum furnace. Also below is a photo of Norm Tucker in front of a SECO vacuum furnace at the Brisbane, Australia facility which was taken when we visited the plant 4 years back.

HTA is honoured to welcome Hon Melissa Price MP to our Los Angeles Branch in Santa Fe Springs, California. Thank you to all Staff and Industry Partners involved for taking the time to hear our story and for your continued dedication to Australian Businesses in the Defense Industry across the globe