Heat Treating of Windmill Gears-ZF Wind Power Update

Last week we spoke of how ZF Windpower in Coimbatore, India https://themonty.com/how-are-windmill-gears-heat-treated/ was adding more heat treating capacity in the form of a number of pit carburizing furnaces. Several readers who are very familiar with this operation added that with the addition of these furnaces the company will have a total of 30 carburizing furnaces, 7 nitriders and numerous tempering furnaces. Clearly this can be considered a very large captive heat treatment facility.

“How Are Windmill Gears Heat Treated? Well we can’t speak for every manufacturer but ZF Wind Power in Coimbatore, India is pretty typical in that they are using large pit, gas carburizing furnaces. In this particular case Aichelin Unitherm of India is working with ZF to supply the company with an additional 7 electrically heated pit furnaces each with an operating temperature of 850C to 970C and a load capacity of 12,000 KG. The facility is equipped with advanced automation with customized software for the entire heat treatment process and complies with CE certification standards. While “The Monty Heat Treat News” has seen facilities using large batch IQ furnaces for heat treating of gears and shafts for the windmill industry, pit carburizing furnaces remain the choice of most manufacturers.

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