Heat Treating of Machine Knives-“The Knife Source”

Last week “The Monty Heat Treat News” was honored to be able to visit “The Knife Source” a manufacturer of machine knives for lumber, panel, wood chips and biomass processing companies. https://www.knifesource.com/  Located in Fountain Inn, SC, USA the company has used a tried and proven heat treating technique for a number of years.

Parts are heated in electrically heated box furnaces, air “quenched” while clamped and then tempered. The heat treat department consists of a number of box furnaces, all with updated SSi controls, clamps and a number of temper furnaces. Recently the company invested in two 36 X 72 X 36 Uni Draw tempers.

While the company was recently acquired the Halloran family who started the company continue to carry on the legacy. Todd, Jeff, Jay and Doug all share the responsibilities of running the company and are all very enthusiastic about what they are doing. We have several photos of the heat treating department including one which shows Kyle Favors of HTSU in Simpsonville, SC and Jeff Halloran, Process Development Engineering Manager (more about Kyle Favors and HTSU later this week).

As a footnote to this story we should add that the company was acquired by Wood Technologies International in June of 2022 as you can read in this press release;

“JUNE 8, 2022; RIDGEFIELD, WA and FOUNTAIN INN, SC June 8, 2022 — Today, Wood Technologies International announced the acquisition of The Knife Source in a transaction that will create the world’s most comprehensive supplier of the machine knives for lumber, panel, wood chips and biomass processing companies. The combined company will deliver an unprecedented range of technical expertise, design capabilities, manufacturing capacity, and reconditioning services for industrial wood processing knives. Craig Tompkins, CEO of Wood Technologies International said: “This merger will combine the two leading American manufacturers of industrial machine knives for our industry and allow us to significantly strengthen our service to the industry. The cultures of the two organizations are closely aligned. We share a long history of product innovation, customer focus, quality products, and value-added services for our customers. The Simonds International and Knife Source brands of wood processing machine knives are the predominant American made wood processing knives in the industry and will remain a core part of  the combined company in the future.”

Jay Halloran, President of The Knife Source: “The sale to Wood Technologies International brings together the strengths of two great customer focused companies. The Knife Source was a family business founded in 1999 with the goal of being a high quality, customer focused, American manufacturer of machine knives for the wood products industry. The acquisition by Wood Technologies International will enable us to continue that journey, provide the financial strength to invest in the business, sustain and improve our quality, and continue to deliver the best customer service in our industry. Customers can continue to expect the same or better levels of quality and service as key members of the management team will be retained by Wood Technologies international.”

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