Heat Treating in the US Southeast

We have always considered that captive and commercial heat treating in the US Southeast was the “Mecca” of heat treating with so many manufacturers and their heat treating needs moving into the region. Well even paradise has  issues as you can see;

Eaton Hydraulics in Greenwood, SC closed their In-house Heat Treat department and disposed of the equipment. The majority of the product they were heat treating was transferred to their plant in Mexico.  The few parts that they maintained are being heat treated locally at a commercial shop.  All the employees were transferred to other departments within the plant.

Richmond/Ohio Gear (Regal Beloit) in Liberty, SC also closed down their heat treat and disposed of the equipment late last year.  They outsourced their heat treating to a sister plant and a local commercial heat treat.  They had one of the oldest Surface Combustion Pushers that we know was still in operation.  1952 3-Row Pusher that operated everyday until the department closed.