Heat Treater Uses Pandemic to Add Processes and Equipment

While the pandemic drastically altered normal business proceedings around the world at least one heat treater used the opportunity to add both a new process and new equipment. Metex Heat Treating in Brampton, Ontario, Canada one of the largest commercial heat treaters in North America as ranked by “The Monty Heat Treat News” (Find out how they rank at 50 Largest North American Commercial Heat Treats 2021 | The Monty) has indeed been busy over the past two years. During this time the family owned and run business added gas nitriding to their list of processes and at least 3 major equipment additions;

  • A pit furnace with a weight capacity of 6,000 pounds designed for gas nitriding with SSi controls was installed and is now in operation. This marks the company’s first foray into nitriding.
  • In 2020 the firm installed a Can Eng 6,000 pound per hour mesh belt furnace line designed for processing fasteners. This is the third 6,000 pound per hour line Metex has installed over the past number of years and when combined with their other smaller lines gives the company a mesh belt furnace capacity rapidly approaching 30,000 pounds per hour making them one of the largest processors of fasteners in North America.
  • In 2021 the company also added to their batch IQ department in the form of a new AFC-Holcroft batch IQ furnace with working dimensions of 36” X 72” X 36”.

With all these recent additions Metex now ranks as the largest commercial heat treater in Canada. Watch to see if in our updated list of the largest commercials in North America Metex moves up the list.

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Anoop Bawa and Jordan Montgomery