Heat Treater Finds Success Through Standardizing-Dependable Metal Treating

Every successful commercial heat treater in the world has achieved that success through a slightly different formula, concentrating on a particular process, having a process which the competition doesn’t have, offering better pricing and deliveries, being a “one stop” shop-the possibilities are endless. Dependable Metal Treating in Kendallville, Indiana, USA has been quite successful for a variety of reasons, the main one probably being standardizing. “Dependable Metal Treating, Inc. is a locally owned and operated heat treating facility located in Kendallville, Indiana. Incorporated in 1995, we have grown from a small 2 furnace operation to 10 integral batch furnaces with support equipment, automatic monitoring controls and a full metallurgical laboratory. Home – Dependable Metal Treating, Inc. ”

Earlier this week “The Monty Heat Treat News” had the opportunity to visit this facility after a hiatus of several years and what we saw was an above average sized commercial heat treat which has standardized on one particular make and model of furnace-a Surface Combustion Model “Super 30” batch IQ furnace with internal dimensions of 30” X 48” X 30”. Few if any were purchased new but all were lovingly rebuilt before being installed. The result is that every spare part including cylinders, radiant tubes, roller rails, fans and even fixtures are standard to all furnaces. Another obvious benefit is that the operators are familiar with the controls and functions of each furnace.

We certainly don’t mean to take away from the fact that Dependable is run by an experienced team who are extremely attentive to customers needs and we don’t mean to imply that the company doesn’t have other types of equipment but the mainstay of the plant is the ever reliable “Super 30” and they have served the company well. These photos tell the story and included is a picture of Mr. Jeff McLaughlin of McLaughlin Furnace Group proudly showing off his reasonably new “Tru Mix” Endo generator.

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 Jeff McLaughlin, Linda & Ross Noble, Gord Montgomery