Heat Treater Continues To Expand This Time With 15 Bar Quenching Vacuum Capacity

In South America, Brazil to be exact, commercial heat treater Nitrion Do Brazil continues to expand, this time with a brand new 15 bar nitrogen quenching SECO/WARWICK vacuum furnace. Nitrion has a fascinating history which goes back to it’s origins in Munich, Germany many years ago. Since it’s inception the company sold the Munich, Germany location to Bodycote while at the same time making substantial investments in the Brazil location. Just last year the firm installed 4 new vacuum nitriding systems, with this investment it means the company has become one of the largest in the entire country.

“JANUARY 2021; Nitrion Do Brazil Makes Major Investment in Vacuum Nitriding Capacity; Last week we had a rumor about commercial heat treater Nitrion Do Brazil making a major investment in more vacuum nitriding furnaces, today we can say that the rumor was true and at the same time offer a few more details. This photo shows furnaces #2 and #3 which were recently installed at the plant in Feliz, Brazil. Installation and commissioning started 2 weeks ago and parts are being tested. Installation and start up were performed by Don Longenette of A + Heat Treating of Ohio, USA. The fourth KGO furnace will be delivered in a couple of months. Pictured with these furnaces is Rodolfo Porto, Nitrion Quality Analyst. Nitrion offers both plasma (ion) nitriding and gas nitriding and with this additional equipment Nitrion is probably the largest commercial nitriding company in all of South America.”

“APRIL 2014; Nitrion Technology/SECO/WARWICK do Brasil. The story behind this press release is rather interesting. Nitrion was a commercial heat treater located in Munich, Germany which was owned by a fellow by the name of Michael Motschmann. Michael had two locations the one in Munich and a second in Guaramirim/SC,Brazil both of which offered a very interesting Plasma Nitriding technology which was developed and designed by Nitrion themselves. Roughly 10 years ago Nitrion in Germany was sold to Bodycote (which still operates the plant) largely based on the very impressive profit margins and also on the fact that at the time Bodycote planned to use this technology in a number of their plants around the world. Michael kept the plant in Brazil and as far as we know still owns it although we don t know this for sure. According to this press release furnace builder SECO/WARWICK do Brasil in conjunction with Nitrion will be marketing this technology in South America.”

“Nitrion Technology/SECO/WARWICK do Brasil Have Signed a Cooperation Agreement. The Brazilian companies Nitrion Technology Ltda (Guamirim/SC) and SECO/WARWICK do Brasil Ltda (Jundiaí/SP) have agreed on a cooperation agreement for manufacturing and marketing of modern cold wall plasma nitriding installations for the South American market. These modern installations for the eco-friendly plasma nitriding process without ammonia will be manufactured by SECO//WARWICK do Brasil Ltda. with Nitrion® -technology and the technological support of Nitrion Technology LtdaNitrion Technology Ltda has more than 30 years of experience in the German sister companies and brought by constant development the installation technology to perfection using the Nitrion®-cold wall plasma technology. This technology is used with success globally already and can be offered via this new sales channel to many potential new customers. Existing systems at Nitrion do Brasil Ltda (Guaramirim/SC)  can be used for samples, test parts, pre-series production and as backup solution for the South American continent.”

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