Heat Treat Stories to Tell

The Monty Heat Treat News” is looking forward to telling our readers about two success stories in the heat treatment industry, both stories originating in Europe. “Avion Europe” headquartered in Hagen, Germany was formed in 1994 as a heat treatment manufacturer representative firm and while it still operates as a rep firm the company has grown enormously over the years and now has much, much more to offer the heat treatment industry. We will give you all the details shortly in an in depth story.
From Avion in Germany we move to high temperature alloy supplier “Cronite Group” and their foundry in Arnage, France. “Cronite” is a global firm and well known to all heat treaters when it comes to high temperature alloy components. “The Monty” had a fascinating visit to their foundry just two weeks ago and we will share with you all the details about the company, where it came from and where it is going. Stary tuned.

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