Heat Treat Rep Firm to Move From Canada to USA

In North America the majority of the suppliers to the heat treatment industry work through independent sales representatives. These rep firms range in size from single person to multi person organizations and operate in geographically defined areas, their renumeration is in the form of commissions paid by the suppliers. This sales structure in North America goes back almost 100 years and has proved to be very successful for all the parties involved. One such firm is Vectorr Industries in Upstate NY, USA which was founded in 2020 by Adler Moldenhauer. The company covers the largest geographic territory of any rep firm in North America, Canada, Upstate NY, Washington and Oregon. Amongst the firms it represents are furnace builder AFC-Holcroft, Schunk CFC fixturing and tube supplier INEX.

Adler has just announced that he will be leaving the Canadian market and moving to the US Southeast to carry on as an independent sales representative. At this point in time we have no information on what lines Adler will be handling.

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