Heat Treat Mexico 20

March 3-5 ASM will be presenting Heat Treat Mexico 20 in Queretaro, Mexico https://www.asminternational.org/web/heat-treat-mexico/home Topics to be covered include CQI-9 for the automotive industry, NADCAP for the aerospace industry and discussions about carburizing furnaces and vacuum furnaces to name just a few. We at “The Monty” attended this event back in September 2016 and we found it to be well worthwhile-not the size of the really big shows but a very good cross section of the heat treating community in Mexico. By clicking on the Heat Treat Mexico 20 ad on this page you can find out everything you need to know about the show. We searched through our files and came up with these pictures from the event back in 2016. In the first you see Gord Montgomery and Mario Mendez who owns the largest commercial heat treater in Mexico-ETSA. In the second we see gentlemen from the two largest furnace builders in Mexico, Nutec Bickley and Mattsa.