Heat Treat Legend Retiring

   Mike Reichling, Operations Manager at Cincinnati Steel Treating in Ohio, USA will be retiring March 17th of this year after 49 years in the heat treatment industry. He leaves with a host of accolades from organizations such as MTI (Metal Treating Institute) and ASM (American Society for Metals) vouching for his knowledge, experience and integrity. The industry will miss his experience.

About Cincinnati Steel Treating; The Cincinnati Steel Treating Company was founded in 1941 to accommodate the gear industry’s metal treating needs in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. By 1950 CST had diversified and moved to 5701 Mariemont Avenue. Through two major expansions it has remained at the same location and now boasts of a 45,000 square foot facility and provides heat treating services to Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and beyond.

Throughout it’s 70 year history CST has recognized the need to maintain a modern, full service facility to meet the requirements of its diverse customer base. This has been achieved through the continued upgrading of existing equipment and the installation of new. Some of our more recent updates include a fully computerized furnace temperature and atmosphere control system for carburizing, a nitriding department consisting of four 57 in. diameter furnaces from 70 to 107 inches deep, a multi-station induction machine for hardening small high production parts and shafts up to 36 inches long, as well as newer laboratory and office complex. CST is fully equipped to provide complete heat treating services.” CST: Heat Treating Services & Metal Treating of Large Gears (steeltreating.com)

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