Heat Treat is Not Dead, Kathy Hayrynen, Applied Process

This week’s action packed, super exciting version of “The Heat Treat Podcast” features our favorite host, Mr. Carlos Torres speaking with Kathy Kayryen of Applied Process in the USA. Kathy is an individual we have not had the priveledge of meeting, but based upon this conversation she is certainly a person we would very much like to meet based upon her impressive heat treat experience. 
We searched through our archives for background information about Applied Process and came up with this press release and photo posted by “The Monty Heat Treat News” in late 2018, which in our opinion makes for fascinating reading.
October 2018 Posting: Monster” Batch IQ Furnace; This past Friday we posted a photo of a “monster” batch IQ furnace capable of handling 20,000 pound loads and promised more details. This furnace is the world’s largest integral quench batch austempering furnace with an operating window of 84”W x 96”L x 54”T, a gross capacity of 20,000 pounds and a quench tank which holds 400,000 pounds of salt. It was built and installed in 2011 at commercial heat treater “Applied Process” for use in their AP Westshore facility in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA where it remains in service. Applied Process is a commercial heat treater in the USA with 3 locations, Oshkosh, Livonia, Michigan and Fort Smith, Arkansas (more details of the brand new Fort Smith plant later this week). We firmly believe that there is no other company in North America and possibly the world that does more salt quenching in particular the ADI process than Applied Process. In total the company has roughly 120 employees which includes 6 metallurgists and a total of 16 large IQ furnaces in the 3 locations. The Oshkosh location alone has the “monster” furnace and 6 other IQ’s each capable of a 6,000 pound load which amounts to a total of 1.1 million pounds of molten salt at any given time.

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