Heat Treat Industry Market Reports

​Not a day goes by at “The Monty” that we don’t receive an e mail offer promoting the most recent heat treat industry report. Examples from this week include; “Informative Report On Vertical Vacuum Furnaces Market 2020 With Key Players Ipsen, Tenova, IHI Machinery and Furnace etc.”, “Automotive Heat Treatment Market Emerging Trends, Size, Share and Growth Analysis by 2025”,“High Temperature Furnaces Market Trends, Opportunities, Key Players, Growth, Analysis, Outlook & Forecasts To 2025”-and these examples represent a very small fraction of the total we receive.  While we suppose there are some good reports out there, many that we see are very poorly researched, full of inaccuracies and expensive to boot. As an example today we received an offer about a report on the Gas Nitriding Furnace Market; Gas Nitriding Furnace Market Huge Incredible Growth by World 2029 | Surface Combustion, Bodycote (Nitrex Metal), Seco/Warwick”. Right off the bat this headline is incorrect in their reference to Bodycote (Nitrex Metal). Yes several years ago Bodycote did buy Nitrex Metal Technologies in Burlington, Canada but that was a different company from Nitrex Metal in Montreal and as we all know Bodycote does not build nitriding furnaces. The report continues with this; The Major Players Covered in this Report: Surface Combustion, Bodycote (Nitrex Metal), Seco/Warwick, Solar Manufacturing, Ipsen”, which of course leaves out the largest supplier of Gas Nitriding Furnaces in the world-Nitrex Metal.

Another issue with reports in the time of COVID-19 is that the industry has changed so drastically in just a couple of months that we would question the validity of any report more than just few months old. A prediction about the aerospace industry from just 3 months ago will be hopelessly out of date now. We are certainly not saying that all industry reports are poor value for the money but we would say that like everything else in the world do your research before spending several thousand dollars on an a report which can be of dubious value.