Heat Treat Furnace Auction-Greenlee Tool, Rockford, Illinois, USA

In early 2020 Emerson Electric announced they would be shutting down their Greenlee Tool Division in Rockford, Illinois, USA. The facility which made punch tools did indeed close down and the remaining equipment is scheduled to go to auction Wednesday, November 18th. Included in the auction is most of the in house heat treating department (a vacuum furnace and some other items were moved to other Emerson locations). What remains are two Ipsen Batch IQ furnaces, tempers, a washer, an endo generator and a Lindberg Steam Homo furnace.

We will save you the suspense and tell you right up front that the equipment will sell for about $50.00 USD for everything. It is complete and appears to be in reasonable condition but there are a lot of drawbacks. The relatively small size (24” X 36” X 18”) is a drawback, the age (60’s or 70’s would be our guess) and the fact that everything is electrically heated (the kiss of death in most parts of North America) all conspire to make the equipment virtually worthless. Course we also know that it has been shopped to every single used equipment dealer in the US over the past few months and found no buyers so that tells you everything you need to know right there. Still a shame though to see perfectly good equipment apparently headed for the scrap yard.

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