Heat Treat Forum-The Heat Treatment Discussions Nobody Else is Having

Carlos Torres, President of furnace builder MATTSA, the largest furnace builder in Mexico, Jim Oakes, President of furnace controls company SSi of Cincinnati, Ohio, Pete Callert of Heat-Tek, Inc., of Michigan-a firm selling heat treatment services for companies such as Crio-we have assembled this “dream team” of industry experts to discuss some of the major issues of the day. Each of these individuals have spent most of their working lives in the global heat treatment industry and each brings their own specific knowledge of the industry to the table.

Recently we gathered Carlos, Jim and Pete together and in an hour long discussion moderated by Gord Montgomery of “The Monty” we covered several topics not generally addressed. Our format consisted of a total of 9 questions covering 3 major topics followed up by a discussion about how the heat treatment industry will look Post COVID. Our Topics included; “The Heat Treatment Market in Mexico and its Relationship to the US”Manufacturing and Heat Treating for the US and how it Compares to Other Parts of the World”, and “How to Compete Against China?

Today we present to you the final product-each of the individuals involved looks forward to your comments and feedback.

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