Heat Treat Exhibition Scam

Have you received this bogus e-mail yet? Every year like clockwork attendees to the various North American heat treat exhibitions are deluged with e-mails similar to the one below advertising a contact list of all the attendees to the upcoming show. A friend of ours actually paid their money for the list and in return got crap. We have received 4 today, all written exactly the same but each with a different name and not one with a company name or contact info beyond an e-mail address. Don’t get fooled.

“Would you be interested in acquiring the Pre-registered Attendees Database of ASM Heat Treating Society Conference and Exposition 2019 ? and there will be a cost associated with the Database. Attendees: CEO/President/Gen’l Management, Technician/Operator, Project Manager, Operator, Instructor and more… Data Contains: Contact Name, Title, Company Name, Size, Physical Address, Opt-In Email address, Phone & Fax numbers etc. Please let me know your thoughts, So that I can send you the Number of Contacts available and the Pricing for it.  Awaiting Response, Ashley Emery  Marketing Executive.”