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General Benefits of Investment Cast Work Trays

  • Longer service life – For example, investment cast HU furnace trays typically last longer than equivalent sand cast trays.
  • Less porosity – Investment cast trays are less porous than sand cast trays. In addition to longer life, the smooth finish drags out less oil with every quenched load.
  • Dimensional precision – Investment casting provides a greater level of dimensional precision. It is possible to make thinner, structurally sound components, with investment casting.
  • Lighter designs – Investment cast trays may be manufactured to tighter tolerances than sand cast trays. It is therefore possible to design lighter-weight components. Not only does less weight reduce acquisition costs, it may also increase the furnace’s production rate.
  • Environmental impact – Sand casting results in serious environmental pollution in the form of sand waste. Investment casting uses wax patterns which can be mostly reclaimed and reused.