Heat Treat Auctions-And More Auctions

Today, Thursday December 5/2019 there are two auctions taking place, both of which include a great deal of heat treat equipment. The first is in Mentor, Ohio, USA at the former Angstrom Precision Metals facility which is now closed. We mentioned this the other day and how it includes a total of 7 smaller Surface Combustion Allcase furnaces. We don’t expect much of the equipment to sell based on the age and small size but you never know. By the way we stand corrected on our earlier statement that the facility closed down recently. As it turns out the plant closed over a year ago which means the equipment has been sitting there in place ever since.

The other auction of the day takes place in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada at what was a Bluewater Thermal Processing facility which closed down recently.  It includes a number of batch IQ furnaces with working dimensions of 36” X 72” X 36”, a couple of mesh belt lines, some really cool aluminum processing equipment and some other related equipment. We have these photos of the plant. The first shows the newest batch IQ furnace shortly after it was installed back in 2014. In the centre we see Mr. Shawn Scott, the former GM of the plant-not sure what he is up to these days. The second photo is the facility as we saw it a few weeks ago.