Heat Treat Assets Auctioned Off

In 2023 MT Heat Treat in Mentor, Ohio, USA was forced to close with the assets ceased by the bank and sent to auction just last week (our original stories are below). With the auction now concluded we can give you an update. 
As expected all of the ancillary equipment which included a number of Surface Combustion “UniDraw” tempers, washers and generators did sell for quite respectable prices. We understand that the 12,000 CFH generator sold in the range of $40,000 USD and even an old style Surface generator sold for $8,000. 
The story on the Surface “Super 30” batch IQ furnaces was different with only two being sold. All were electric which is not the first choice of most heat treaters in North America but more importantly a number of the furnaces had been “cannibalized” for parts, most notably the electric heating elements.
All in all no real surprise on what sold and what didn’t. The fact that most of the equipment sold is proof that even though the used furnace market in North America is a bit slower these days there is still demand for good used equipment. 
“APRIL 20, 2024. Ohio Heat Treater Goes to Auction; Earlier this year we mentioned how commercial heat treater MT Heat Treat Inc. in Ohio was closing their doors, at the time “The Monty Heat Treat News” also promised updates. We have now learned that the firm has been closed since that time and that all the equipment will be going to auction in May of this year. The equipment consists of a number of Surface Combustion “Super 30 Allcase furnaces and ancillary equipment all of it purchased roughly 2004. We will have further details for you shortly.
“Ohio Commercial Heat Treater Closes Doors; The understanding of “The Monty Heat Treat News” is that MT Heat Treat Inc., in Mentor, Ohio, USA closed their doors September 1 of this year. MT was a family owned business operating out of a 65,000 square foot facility 30 miles from Cleveland, Ohio. This is not a company that we know much about, all we can say is that at one point in time annual sales were estimated to be up to $5 million USD and that the company had a number of batch IQ furnaces. As more information becomes available we will update you.”
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